Taking The Leap

I want my content read.

I want thousands of shares.

I want people to comment on my work.

I started a blog to be heard by millions.

Although this blog is my foundation because I wouldn’t have grown this much as a writer. Without this blog I wouldn’t have the courage to take a change this year and write for various publications.

It all started when I found my niche a couple of weeks ago while I was taking a shower at my lovers house.

“I should write about sex, love, relationship shit,” I thought.

I began researching how to get into it, and I remembered why I went to school for journalism in the first place. I wanted to write for Cosmopolitan Magazine for as long as I can remember.

I wrote my first article to them and sent it in now that a week has passed and no response I decided to just take matters into my own hands and see if I really enjoyed writing on the topic of companionship, sex shit, and relationships and I do.

I am always giving advice to someone about how they should treat their girl or guy, why their sex life is important to keep spicy, and most importantly how to never forget to love themselves through the entire journey of being with someone else.

Many say I should develop an alias, but I think I am okay using my name. I am not ashamed of what I am now writing about, so I believe that in the end my name would be fine.

So the sites I plan on publishing work on will be Pucker Mob, which is a site dedicated to bloggers for topics discussing relationships, dating, and self-love. I will not stop my goal from being published on Cosmopolitan website, and I am also going to try to become a contributor for another site that is similar to puckermob titled Elite Daily which has more of a journalistic take on it that, so I won’t waste my college studies.


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