How Masturbation Benefited My Relationship

“ Who am I going to have sex with now?” was the thought that came into my mind, when my lover and I got into an argument and decided to end our sexual encounters for a short period. He was the first and the only guy always to find my g-spot and give me multiple orgasms. He also helped me explore my sexuality and body in more ways than I could imagine.
After a week of no sex, I began to re-explore my body and something about me changed. One night of climaxing led my week to lots of positive changes in my life, that I believed would not have occurred if I didn’t begin to please myself sexually again.
Sleeping with one person for a year, and getting used to the way he took my body to different orgasmic heights, I was a little shaky getting back into pleasing myself. He exposed my body to new erogenous spots, and I started realizing there was so much more of me that I needed to explore. I immediately began to explore my body the first chance I was able to be alone. When I couldn’t get myself excited enough to have an orgasm I gave up the first night. However, the second night my body was ready for me to try again. I had multiple orgasms and became addicted to pleasing myself. I started to remember who I was before him and no longer felt a need to depend on him to take me to the ecstasy that comes along with great orgasms.
For the following week of masturbating, my mood changed tremendously, and it showed. I felt confident starting conversations with people at work, I was eager to get out of bed early in the morning, and I was also able to remember things. After seeing the change that was happening within me on the inside and out, I decided to research the benefits of masturbation. The information I found helped me understand the many health benefits that come along with pleasing yourself. Not only do you gain confidence but it releases stress and improves your overall health.
In an article written for the Men’s Health site titled,“5 Reasons You Should Masturbate,” by Maridel Reyes stated, “it boosts your mood.”
Once I realized why masturbation was improving my mood, I was hooked. I created a masturbating schedule that began to interfere with my life. All I wanted to do was be in bed and make myself have multiple orgasms. I bought toys to help me experience different climaxes, and I also began to start masturbating to some soft porn. My happiness was through the roof, and I was beginning to believe the sensation was too good to be true and probably getting a little out of hand. I wanted to share my experience with someone, so I ended up telling my lover about it, and we began to share the experience with one another.
We would watch porn together, and he would watch me make myself climax while he would touch himself. It improved our lovemaking, another benefit that listed during my research. I wanted to find other ways to improve my one-on-one sexual exploration, so I continued to study more beneficial facts that also brought along some tips.
“Give yourself time to touch all parts of your body or try different positions, and don’t feel pressure to climax,” was stated in an article for WebMD, titled Female Masturbation: 5 Things You May Not Know.
As soon as I got the tip from the WebMD article I began to put it into action. It was hard not climaxing because I’ve gotten used to it, but it was the best thing I have ever tried. It teaches you to accept the fact it is okay if you don’t finish, and it makes you crave more of yourself. It puts a boost in your life. I still climax now and then, but I don’t do it as often because when I have intercourse with my lover, I am now an animal in the bedroom. No longer are my lover and I having silly arguments and cutting sex out of our relationship. We now understand that we don’t always need each other when one of us has a higher sex drive than the other, since pleasing ourselves has helped us please each other better.


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