First Week Of The New Year

2016 has been a fascinating first week of the year. I began to fight negativity that has hit me hard, and with the help of my guy, I have obtained great knowledge of what it is that is happening and how to handle it.

Another thing I am looking for a new job, but I don’t know what in. I have also picked up cooking as a hobby to do when I am not writing. Although I am in school for journalism, I am thinking about changing my major because I love to write, but not on controversial topics, news topics, or positive stories. I only enjoy writing posts that come from my heart or mind.

With that twist in my life taking place. I now do not know what to do anymore. I need help. I don’t even know who to go to because I am unaware of the type of help I need. However, at the end of the day, I know everything will fall into place as it should, and I would laugh about this post later.


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