No Cheese For A Week


5766697640_d3494ca1a9_zRecently I caught a head cold that started in my throat and worked its way up into my head. The cold lasted four days with a little bit of coughing continuing to linger on.

Since I was congested, I stayed away from dairy products. It was pretty easy until I had to stay away from cheese. I began to realize all of the food I ate contained cheese whether it was a sprinkle, melted, or sliced.

I know it’s easy to ask for no cheese on any item, but I wanted enchiladas, Sante Fe salad,  cheeseburger, pastrami and swiss sandwich,  BLT with pepper jack, and favorite Ham, Cheese, and Egg breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. I also craved my tea lattes and eggnog. Although I still survived the week of no dairy products it made me realize how few restaurants exist that do not serve cheese with their meals.

All I was able to think about were Indian foods, Sushi places, and Korean BBQ. America needs to do better because although cheese and dairy products are incredibly delicious, it is still a big controversial topic amongst scientists and nutritionists.  It had not been until recently when humans began to depend heavily on milk from cows, according to Kris Gunners, a nutrition researcher.

Although the argument of dairy has a long way to go before experts, find a solution. I must say from personal experience of not having it for a week; our body does not need it. I dud have a head cold, so I was not feeling my best, but I was able to have a positive outlook on life. I believe all the hormones they are feeding cows it has taken its effect on my hormones and body. Kris Gunner stated, “That being said, people in some areas of the world have been eating dairy for thousands of years, and there are many studies that document how the genes have changed to accommodate dairy products in the diet.” 

Many may not see what the bug issue is with their health, but removing a small portion of dairy from their everyday meals will be beneficial.


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