Intoxicated Soul

The thirst begins around 3 p.m. and I wonder should I get coffee or something stronger to drink.

It’s been a week since I’ve been in your arms, because the two of us are very busy, yet it just makes my soul numb.

The only thing to do in order to feel alive again is to drink, smoke or do a little more than I should. However, I just lay in bed with my glass in hand waiting for you to get off work, so I can be in your arms again.

An intoxicated soul I have, the only time the pain goes away is when I am crying or getting high.

How is it that the only time I am able to find my soulmate my soul has to be intoxicated.

Everyone is calling wondering if I am okay, is it because for once my silent cries are heard at night. My dying soul is reaching out for help. Why is now that I’ve given my all to one person everyone wants to care.

No one was there when my intoxicated soul began to deteriorate, but everyone wants to be around, now that there is only enough of it left to love it’s broken pieces and darkness and it is only strong enough to let one person in.

I wouldn’t trade my intoxicated soul for anything else. Never in my life, I believed soulmates existed until now. No longer do I need something stronger to take away pain because there isn’t any pain knowing my soulmate exists. no longer will I have to search for someone new.

The game is over. The only thing that resides is faith.


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