End of A World

10 years ago I never would’ve thought of a world without seeing your face.

Although, the last time we spoke was in the spring I didn’t think it would end up that way.

I was still hurt from the lies, even though you were in a deeper hole

We always thought something good would’ve come out of our love, but the world had something else in store.

I hope that you are fine and not dwelling on your past. Since I know how passionate you are about life and love I now understand why you run and hide whenever you get a chance to escape.

It wasn’t until you let me go I realized I had to do this thing called life alone.

I would love to thank you because we lasted for a more than a decade, and we were able to teach and learn from one another that nothing lasts forever.

I am not upset anymore because I know we would’ve never worked. However, I do need to know that you still exist on this planet enjoying your special day and smiling that beautiful smile. As I sit alone drinking tea and remembering those crazy conversations.

You would always say everything is okay, and I cared way too much, for the first time ever I finally believe you. Since I now see what you did was out true love and protection for me.


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