To be remembered, Or To be forgotten


As Life progress, and what was once known begins to fade. Many begin to find themselves alone and wonder should they be remembered or forgotten.

Those that choose to be remembered feel as if they turn down a dark path of constant change. They feel as if they lose themselves, but realize when they think its too late and they can’t go on they are really found.

Through out the tears, pain, smiles, break-ups and make-ups, they grow into beautiful creatures that can create, manipulate,and love unconditionally.

While those that choose to be forgotten face the same dark path and learn a different view of life. To control, or be controlled. The same losing of one self takes place on this path, and there is also a finding that tends to motivate them to lose themselves all over again.

Their love is cold, but also unconditional.

There is no wrong path to choose from. We’re all given the choice to be remembered or forgotten. The choices don’t make anyone better than the other. At the end of each journey we’re all still human. The two paths are what keep humanity in existence, one can’t live without the other.

-Krystle Mitchell


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