“I’m Done,” But I Didn’t Know We Existed

Those last two words

I’m Done

Well I’m glad because you showed me who I was and I showed you who you were

All of the say-so

You were wiser

I am only good for allowing you to talk me all the way down, pick me back up, and talk down on me again

See I always get what I want

And you saying your done

Was because I was done

Who I turned out to be whenever you called

Is what you were always to me whenever you came around

My energy is fading

All I want is the rain

Yet you tell me, Californians love the light, so you are going to stay shining

Yeah! See I’ve been good for a very long time to see if it was me that was a heart breaker

With deep meditation sessions

Yoga, Working out, accomplishing goals, loving to a point of no return

I’m Done…

I refuse to allow my energy to drain for you any longer

I have seen what you are, and I now know what it is you want

I am over…

It is now the other side of the sun and it will shine until it burns out and watch as you fade away into the darkness

The lover my moon, how I wish I were you so cold, and single at night as you sit and hover with the dead stars that shine so faintly with all of the city lights

I wish you to keep the earth afloat

Because I can no longer get close


The sun


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