My brain has been washed, and I don’t remember much of what has taken place before.

I see these people I once called friends and lovers, but I can’t recall how, where, when we met or why I even know them

Some I go out with because I’m figuring out what brought us together

Yet, at the end of every night

I realize that I’m dead

It’s a continuous cycle of dreams

Some are still in that dream while others have drifted off

When I wake up I remember for a limit of time and again I’m dead

I’m not who I say I am, and its time that I reveal myself, I understand that I may be judged, but I don’t care anymore because I’m dead, and telling who ever you are who I am might bring me back to life and set me free, but before that I have to adjust a couple of things to bring you into my New World Death Legacy.


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