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There is no need to recall the last post that I published because I am not that writer anymore. Since then many things have changed. I began this blog because I wanted an audience. I didn’t care about numbers or how my work looked when others read it. I was a fresh blogger that was happy being able to click that “Publish” button whenever I felt like I was done.

As time progressed I began to learn about SEO, Adsense, and other ways to get your work noticed while getting paid, and then I began to believe I had the writing game under control.

I went back to school to a community college to find my writing niche, and I ended up getting an AA degree in journalism. While sitting in the classes I had no interest in the news and I figured I would just stroll through the classes to get my degree so I could go on with my personal goal of being a well-rounded writer that was able to write on any topic without any complications.

Boy was I wrong.

Sorry, my dear reader, I have to take it back a step to explain what made me go to school. Okay! As I was doing my research and looking at other writers successes, I realized they all had a degree in something which somehow made them an “EXPERT” in a particular field. I also realized that those with a degree also had a larger following. 


Now about what I learned in school. While in school I did not just stroll through. I really got to learn about the news world and I fell in love with it. Since I have a history of customer service jobs being a reporter for my school’s newspaper was the best experience I ever had. I enjoyed going out into the world and interviewing people, then putting a story together and seeing it published in the newspaper, I forgot my main goal and let journalism take over my career.

Although I was falling in love with it, something else began to happen, which always happens when I love something too much. I began to feel as if I didn’t belong, but I felt really connected to my team which was something I haven’t experienced anywhere else. New reporters came aboard and their passion for news and topics seemed to be bigger than mine and it made me question whether or not I really enjoyed what I was doing.

I got a new job which took my time away, but I continued to write and attend the editorial meetings as much as I could. I never wanted to quit writing so I continued to hunt for a job in the field I studied in. I found an online writing job which I thought would help me get through the rest of college until I could get my BA, but that also went down the drain.

I won’t slander the company’s name because I understand that it is the only source of income some of the employees I enjoyed working with have coming in. However, the company I worked for made me believe I wasn’t good enough or writing was not my thing. I also have a warning for future writers, do not just write for anyone I recommend going for well-known companies than start-ups unless you know the backstory of the developers before you put the time in, but everything is an experience to get you closer to your goal.


Jobless and no money to return back to school I began to spend more time with my family and even tried a new dating style. On-line dating, I am more traditional when it comes to the dating life and that was an interesting experience.

I met a guy that tried to control me. There is one thing about me and it is I can not be controlled. The first day we went out he told me he loved me ( huge red flag I know but hey). As time progressed he wanted to get me pregnant and we were not even dating for a month his thought was, “if you love someone time doesn’t matter,” but whenever something went wrong it was my fault. While his only goal in life was to make me happy.., please. I just wanted to date someone that would take me out to eat and probably workout, and just have around. We did all the things I wanted and some of the things he wanted but it was just too pressure to soon. I got rid of him by saying we needed to take things slower because we were arguing all the time and when I just wanted to be by myself he said I had no by myself time because I was in a relationship.

Now that is over I am never doing online dating things again. Great news my mother got married yesterday and I caught the bouquet so my life partner is clearly on his way.2949945463_366bc63079_z

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