2015: Love Junk (Erotic)

It’s morning and his arms are around my waist I turn to look at him, but forgot that I lay only with space. As I roll over to check my phone, my body still believes he’s near and all I want to do is put his soft membrane into my mouth and suck on it until it gets hard.

I imagine me giving him morning head while he is still asleep as I move my head up and down his shaft, and he wakes up to him cumming inside of my mouth.

I swallow as he says good morning and give him a slight sly. A little kiss on his lips and I whisper hi. As I straddle him and caress his chest I ask did he enjoy his rest. With his hands playing with my breast he twirls his tongue around the left nipple and says yes. I push his face back and ask would you like eggs with your coffee, and I get up to go make him breakfast.

The dogs drink their water, and I let the cat out to play, as he lies in bed and think about his day. The grease pops from the pan because I can barely cook and I smell the aroma of kush as he comes into the kitchen, he turns the fire down on the stove and sits me on the countertop as he eats me for breakfast.

He teases my clit with his tongue and shoves it deep inside I began to tremble as he spreads my legs wider and forces me to cum. The kettle begins to whistle as I scream and moan, he asks me do I need more as I run to turn the kettle off and pour his coffee into his favorite cup.

The eggs are done and I grab a plate. Put toast inside the toaster and make myself a cup of tea. Before I can speak I snap back to reality to my phone vibrating on the pillow next to me.


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