What Consumes The Mind Controls Your Life

What consumes your mind controls your life popped up as a quote while I was scrolling through Pinterest and it really made me stop and think about what it is that really consumes my mind.

I’ve been going through a weird transitioning of trying to figure things out, and to top it off I don’t know what exactly I’m trying to figure out because everything seems to be going as planned; so I force myself to believe.

There was once a time when love consumed my mind, and that was an insane roller coaster ride because not only did I not understand what love was, getting the real answer of love took me on many twists and turns as well. Now I know that I was searching for an idea of love that I created and that caused many heartaches and pains. To this day all I know about love is that it is unconditional.

Money began to consume my mind and led me nowhere but depressed. The proverb money can’t buy you happiness is unquestionably true. I believed that getting things “material items” that I wanted would satisfy my need of my crying soul asking to be set free, but that also didn’t turn out well. Many times I have had money and lost it only to find myself less stressed and a little happier when I didn’t have it because I didn’t feel bad about indulging in activities I believed were unnecessary,

Getting my degree began to consume my mind and I immediately became unhappy with the process because it takes so long. Now that I have one under my belt I’m glad I stuck to it, but continuing on has become a burden although I refuse to give up.

After reflecting on most of the things that have consumed my mind for the past 24 years I am trying something new since those didn’t work, and that is allowing peace to consume my mind, so I will go into every situation with peace, along with prosperity, and determination.


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