My Soul Dies

Stuck in confusion I didn’t know where I was going. Demons clinging on I was in war with myself and everyone around.

The earth is dying. The earth is dying the whispers would get louder at night.

Holding myself tight while crying myself to sleep I ask God for one more chance and I promise I can change and fix everything.

No response does a God even exist? What is happening to the world. How can people live like this?

Am I the only one that cares? still no one tries to listen.

I take my last breath and finally there’s a silence.

” Love me again, I am your friend,”

I remember this feeling but I forgot who was the owner of it

I look into my eyes in the mirror and realize that the old soul in me has died.

A part of me I didn’t know how to set free and it would make me seem like I’ve lost my mind because I was trying to keep the old and new me at once fearing that I would no longer have friends, but what friends do I need?

Another one deep breath  I see no longer my old soul lives inside of me.

This new soul many don’t know, but my new soul is what allowed me to grow,love, care, share, and receive.

My new soul is what has took me on the path of eternity.


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