Sometimes in Life

There comes a time in life where you don’t know what you are doing or where you are going.  A feeling may surface but you don’t know how to execute it and it takes others to help bring the passion of yours into a vision. If there is consistency in something others will follow because they see where your passion is, and that’s how the dream gets birthed into reality.

Sometimes in life you have to lose in order to allow yourself to grow and appreciate the next time you are able to win again. Once you except that you begin to see a shift that takes you to place you couldn’t imagine.

Questions may arise such as:

Has everyone been waiting for me?

Is this who I am suppose to be?

What happened to what I thought was the way things are, and who am I becoming?

Don’t let those questions stop you or force you to block what’s coming next. Understand you are on the rise to freedom and success and you had to lose some in order to receive the best.

Sometimes in life you don’t understand and that is what makes everything worth the meaning of true happiness.


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