How-To say No after You said Yes

There comes a time in a person life when “NO” is the best thing to say to many people.

One could not be use to saying and ” NO” and will beat themselves up for not being able to commit to something they agreed on, but the word ” NO” was made for a reason.

If you have been a Yes person and everything around you is telling you to say No where do you begin?

1) Don’t hide.

2) Know that you don’t owe anyone an explanation unless your married to them. Then maybe.

3) Understand its okay to say “NO,” there’s a reason behind saying “NO,” the other person may not understand because their only into themselves, but that is not your problem if they are mad at you for not doing what they want then that person is not meant to be your life.

Another way to say “No” is to think about how you feel before taking on a challenge or duty. I know people change on a day to day basis, but your designed to think rationally as soon as something is asked of you and you know deep down inside if you can or can’t do something for someone else.


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