Tattoos Explode onto Canvases


Barney Firks- model that had his chest tattoo paintes onto a canvas

9×9 inch canvases greeted onlookers with designs inspired by tattooed models at the KGB gallery Saturday May 31.
A collaboration of artist Anna Stump and photographer Ted Meyer has changed the way art should be featured in the 21st century. With live models having their picture taken and their tattoo drawn onto canvas connected the line of  traditional canvas art with modern tattooed body art.
” Neither one of us has tattoos,” Meyer says.
The exhibition has been going on for three years. The artists work with tattoo artist to meet models and are constantly finding people with tattoos interested to participate in the movement of creating new canvases to display in their exhibits.
“Some of the models are shy,” Stump said. “It’s exciting having one come down for the live art.”
Many artist from around the world were also feautured in the exhibit which brought different variations of art, photography, and sculptures into one place.
The exhibit will be shown until June 7. To check out more of the artist works click the links at the bottom:

Featured artist websites


Jim Scheel featured model back tattooed painted.


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