A Sense of An Ending In Reveiw


Julian Barnes is a detailed writer his book Sense of an ending is a book about a man trying to figure out the concept of life. It’s an easy read and very humane. For a young female adult the character is hard to relate to but it gives you a sense of what its like inside of a man’s mind in his late years of life.

Women would be able to see how caring a man can be despite how smart he is, yet they also can relate to the women characters in the novel as to why the man doesn’t understand why she is acting a certain way. This novel gives the reader a deeper understanding of how to communicate with another human being.

Since we in the digital era we tend to forget that many people need a lot of details when communicating. Although we might be going through something the person on the outside looking in doesn’t know what it is unless you explain. One shouldn’t get frustrated by questions and push people off because your mind is not readable.


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