Don’t Pity Me

I’ve never been one to speak of V-day but this encounter really struck me today
I was with a group and everyone was bragging about their vday plans while I was just worried about when was I getting my tea.
One girl comes up to me that I thought was a lesbian (tbh) and tells me about her rendevous she’s been having with this guy she’s known for a while, and is certain that he likes her now.
She got all excited when I congratulated her and she began to tell me about her outfit, hair style she plans to do and my opinion for what shoes would go great. I told her a couple of colors I thought would be fine and continued to sit and smile.
After she was done she asked if I had someone, so I of course said no.
(I was the vday witch In this group, so be prepared.)
I explained,  “I’m not a vday fan. HECK! I don’t think “love” even exists at this point in life.”
The look on her face made me regret what I said and wished I would’ve just stopped at no.
So I changer the topic and told her this guy that I kind of had a thing for but im to busy to maintain interest.
Later on in the group another girl was boasting about how awesome her boyfriend was and how he helps her grow and want to be mature then turns to me and ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
Again I replied with no and tried to leave it at that until she said “AWW,” and patted me on the back.
This bothers me.
1. These girls don’t know why I’m single.
2. Why pity someone that isn’t in a relationship?

I’ve been in relationships before, but I ruined them also. I actually love the idea of relationships, but I’ve came to a realization that I just haven’t found the right one yet because I’m not lookong for him.
Yes I do get lonely, but I secretly enjoy sleeping alone.
I’m just not your average jill.

After this awkward pity that my peers had for me I was actually complimented by a guy for my smile, and he also asked if he could call me sometime.
I turned him down because I’m just not ready to meet anybody new. I’m too lazy to go on dates, and I don’t want to go to anybody that is new in my life house or have anybody new in my life come to mine for the sake that I just broke away from a serious stalker.
Now I know that was the past, and not all guys are like him, but I just need to relax. HELL! I just began my new life journey and I’m finally enjoying myself again.


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