I’m Just Not Into You

It was the middle of class and everyone went out to break except for a girl  and a guy that walked her to her car once while making conversation about a test.
” We should get coffee after class,”he says.
” Oh I can’t I left my wallet,” she replies.
” Don’t worry I have enough money for the two of us,” he says.
” Your sweet, but no thanks.”
” Aw come on.”
” Fine,” she gives in.
While getting coffee he began to ask her questions about who she is.
“So what happened to you and your ex-boyfriend,” he asks taking a sip.
” My ex-boyfriend? Oh we’re working it out he’s out of town, so we’re taking our time,” she says playfully.
Poor guy was crushed. He took a sip and thought about something else to talk about.
She began to talk about her favorite type of films and immediately cut the break short after she realized the time.


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