“With Somebody Else” Included Chapter Sample and Buy

It is now official.

My first fiction novel “With Somebody Else” is up for grabs


With somebody else is about Cain trying to reunite with his ex-lover Lilith that has moved on with her soul mate after she put Cain under a spell

Below is a sample:

I killed her and his baby. I know that I can’t live without her, but for her to bring another mans child into this world knowing how I feel about her I couldn’t have that. I did a good job killing her to. Well I can’t take all of the credit she did it willing.

He was out-of-town as usual, and she just got home from grocery shopping. I’ve followed her home after the last night I spent with her and she announced she was pregnant jokingly, but for some reason I knew she was lying. Since I could not live with the thought of not knowing I decided to stalk her.

I watched as she took the groceries out of the car, and back into the house for 10 minutes. Her normal routine of getting the mail scamming for what had her name on it and putting the rest back into the box. She was so weird I thought, weird and beautiful in her floral print chiffon dress and sandals. Her hair was wild as usual and the day just seemed to warm up by her jolly demeanor. I smiled at the thought that she was amazing, but I knew she had to go. Closing the door, I sat in the car for about 10 more minutes contemplating whether or not I should go through with my plan, and came to the conclusion that she deserved what was coming to her.

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