Aborted and Raped

I need a change she thought,

I wonder what the world has to offer?

“Your so pretty,” he says.

“I want you to be mine,” he says.

“But I don’t want you I just came to have fun,” she pulls away.

Thrown down and legs spread apart he won’t let her go.

She begs to stop, but can’t pull away.

The tears come pouring down her face and he forces himself into her.

She fights, but is to weak and he cums inside of her and says thanks as he wipes off her juices and pulls his pants back up.Nobody to call. Scared because it was all her fault. She stays inside. Her family she can no longer look in the eyes.

Pregnant, but wait… there’s plan b.

Shit! She waited to many days to take it, but the internet says she should still be safe. To the clinic she gets tested and everything is fine.

Still she can’t look her family in the eyes, her friends she continues to smile, yet nobody knows that she has died. All because one night she was bored and wanted to add a little excitement to her life.

A monster he was and still roams free as she cries every night asking God Why Me?


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