Push Along Sunshine

“Wake-up lets go!

My phone rang off the hook all morning and it wasn’t until my aunt messaged me about a workout session at the Culver City Stairs in Los Angeles, CA

The nagging began, but my aunt wasn’t taken no for an answer

We’re going to workout get dress! were her only words when I answered the phone.

Finally on our way to our destination we were shaken by the thought of what it would be like since we haven’t worked out in so long, but it was too late as we parked and walked towards the driveway

Up the cemented driveway we reached the top sweating, yet energized then traveled down the trail and back up the famous stairs once again.

It wasn’t until the second staircase when we died and thought about giving up again but with deep breathing and the 76 degree weather, sun shining bright we made it to the top for a peaceful overlook of Los Angeles.

Sometimes you need others to push you, so you can receive the blessing that awaits you. Get up and push along sunshine!


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