Fire Meditation


I do a fire and water meditation to balance my chakras it helps me let go of negative energies and feel the warmth of positive energies.
This is my fire meditation…If my eyes are close I can see the fire rise and settle as spirits and energies move throughout my body below are a few steps:

1) Go to your peaceful meditative spot
2) Light the candles
3) Breathe in deeply
4) Breathe out deeply
5) Begin your meditation
6) Quiet your mind and let the fire burn
7) Stay in the peace for as long as you desire ( here you can watch the fire, or you can watch the fire the entire time if you like)
8) Reach your inner peace
9) Blow out the flame

After the meditation I usually flow through the rest of the day letting the universe control my next moves. Or I would create any image or write a thought that surfaced.
This meditation is intended for you to let go and see your self through different eyes that are more loving. You may cry, laugh outloud, get scared, etc
All that means is that its working, so enjoy.


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