Fear Won’t Hold Me Back

But what am I afraid of?

I published the book, yet I still feel as if it’s not good enough.

I am afraid.

Am I afraid that people won’t become engaged in the story. Is it a fear that I won’t succeed. Will my first book ruin my career.

Just release the damn. “Share the link and tell your friends, followers, etc. about the book,” is what I keep telling myself, but no I find all the excuses to not do it.

Help is what I need. I’ve seem to have lost belief in myself. I hate writing. Now I sound like Esther in Sylvia Plath book “The Bell Jar” have I become the character. Oh no I love my life!

Afterthought: ( After I meditate)

Why can’t I release the book?

First thing first I can’t release the book because I keep telling myself I can’t, so the first step is to change my thoughts.

My book is good enough for release. I’ve had the story inside of me for two years and it’s time I share it.

The book was written for fun, so who cares if I get bad reviews I learned  a lot by publishing this book, such as: how-to self publish for free, how to get followers on a blog, how to complete a story and move on.

I also learned how to start my publishing company which is really fun.

The book will be released it’s time I let my baby go and grow.

Fear kiss-my-ass. Fear no longer will I allow you to hold me back


2 thoughts on “Fear Won’t Hold Me Back

  1. Awesome stuff, and I appreciate you sharing. I have recently learned that it’s perfectly natural and ok to have fear. However, instead of letting it scare us away from our dream, we can use it to motivate us (as in your wonderful last line) and bring us closer to the accomplishment of the goal 🙂

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