Review: The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is an American Literature classic that really takes its readers on a ride. The main character Esther is a talented,beautiful writer that is bored with her current lucky life. Esther goes on a wild journey of many thoughts that takes her on a vivid road of unnecessary trouble. Living on the edge she finds her self  contained in a bell jar that helps her grow into a woman that can once again live a normal lifestyle.

The book is an easy read with a lot of details. Sylvia Plath really developed the character Esther well and was able to get deeply in-touch with various thoughts that most people try to avoid. For example she writes, ” I fanned myself down, but before I knew where I was, the water had spat me up into the sun, the world was sparkling all about me like blue and green and yellow semi-precious stones,” which describes a scene when Esther tries one of many attempts to leave the world behind. Sylvia writing style brings the reader and character together as one because a logical reader can see the problem of the character, fix it, and gets surprised by the outcome when Plath takes the reader in a surprising new direction.

The book is written for one that has patience. Since the story jumps around but remains in context one will get confused a numerous amounts of times. If your looking for a book that is not in the usual format style of story telling this is the book for you. The link provided allows you to purchase the book and get a sample read:  The Bell Jar


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