Debroah’s Affair: Love Junk

Continued from….

Time began to past and Debroah was tired of fighting with herself over Kevin, so she began to rekindle past relationships.

Debroah was a heart breaker in the past but once she met Kevin all of that changed and now she was suffering the pain she caused on many hearts.

Debroah called up old flings to see why she treated them the way she did also to see if the fire was still the same when she left before, ” I said I would come back.” She thought as she sent e-mails and “how are you stranger,” messages to old lovers.

Some didn’t respond, and Deborah understood why. She wasn’t a sweet, good girl they thought she was, but as a couple of days passed she had dates set up with all of her ex-lovers.

Debroah was not a whore although she’s been in multiple relationships. She just changed guys when they couldn’t change with her, so looking from the outside in she was quite popular among men, but they all respected her.

Her first date was with an ex-boyfriend that parted ways without goodbyes.

“Tyler,” she said as she grabbed her glass of wine for a sip.

“Debroah,” he replied as he grabbed her other hand to kiss.

Tyler sat down and glanced about the restaurant then back to Debroah. The waiter came to serve his drink then walked away. The two sat in silence for a couple seconds taking in the moment. It’s been over three years since they last seen each other, and to this very second neither one of them were able to recall why they parted ways.

“Married?” Debroah asked after she noticed the band around Tyler’s ring finger.

Tyler lifted his hand up to his face and smiled as he twisted the ring around, ” No,” he said. ” Well not to anyone at least, I am married to my career. I’m surprised nobody has tied you down yet.”

“So am I, what have you been up to lately since you haven’t crossed over to the other side yet?” Debroah asked.

” Not much, traveling, working, I actually just came back from South America, I went over to work on a project for this small town that needed homes rebuilt due to natural disasters the news doesn’t report,” he replied. ” How about you? Where have you been?”

“Well I haven’t been to South America, or out the country this year, but I just moved back from Chicago, and boy was that cold,” she responded.

” How did you end up in Chicago? I don’t remember that ever being apart of your plans,” he asked.

” Work.”


Food was served and they ate in silence. Debroahs phone began to ring and it startled the two of them. Kevin name flashed on the screen and Debroah sent the call to voice mail. After dinner Debroah and Tyler parted ways with plans to see each other again soon.

When Debroah finally sat in her car she contemplated whether or not to call Kevin back until his name popped up on the screen again and she answered.

To be continued


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