Debroah and Kevin: Love Junk

Many fights happened between Debroah and Kevin.

Most were unhealthy.

Kevin would apologize for his mistakes, but turn around and blame Debroah for all of his issues and the reason why he made mistakes.

Debroah was strong enough to walk away, yet she still stayed.

She felt sorry for Kevin. He had good intentions, but he needed to learn to love himself.

Debroah tried everything to help Kevin see that the little things are what mattered, but Kevins stubbornness always sent her to tears, and he back to his peers.

Then Debroah quit.

Crying herself to sleep because of confusion and and being broken-hearted she picked herself up and went out to do things that she only dreamed.

First night out she met a guy that taught her how much she was worth. Just over breakfast (which she was suppose to have with Kevin) she learned what it was like to be treated the way you deserved.

After the date Debroah went home and thought about how she ended up so low in a dysfunctional gnawing relationship, and she realized it was because she didn’t know how to say no.

Since she received little attention from others she was a yes women.Kevin was a reflection of who she was and how she treated herself. Since she grew she was no longer able to put up with his abuse, so later in the day she told him they were through, and of course he was fine.

Goals began to get accomplished for both. They were succeeding with their work. Then something shifted and Deborah was again sitting in the cold listening to Kevin put her down while apologizing, and she realized that she was not the cause. He cared for her deeply, but was angry with himself because he couldn’t do the things he wanted for her. It frustrated him because she was strong enough to handle both his and her own pressure, yet he didn’t want to see her go although it was what she needed because she deserved so much more.



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