When You Slaughtered Me

I was wide open

No more thorns or bristles

All love

I wasn’t even shooting

Instead I was planning to let you flow with me

But you snatched my heart out my chest

Split my brain in half

Grabbed my face

And crushed my soul

Days past and I drowned my room with tears

The sun decided to shine

But all I had strength for was to cry

Not once did you say goodbye, nor sorry

Instead you walked around with glory

I stayed cooped up and let you shine

Forgave you a thousand times

Still crying, and killing all that was in sight

You slaughtered me and left me alone to fight

For a love that will probably never exist

Until I woke up this morning with 

Dedication, non-resistance, and a new way to continue with only half a life

I’ve been approved

I’m accepted

Everything is flowing

All because you slaughtered me and told me I would always be rejected


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