2nd Month As A Health Coach

When your passionate about being a change in someones life its not easy unless they too want to change. After being a Health Coach with Herbalife for 2 months now I have wanted to give up many times. 

Consistency is the key they say, but I find that many people love to be chased. After quitting in my mind and just letting go of the whole helping others and myself get into the best shape of my life, I find myself this morning taking on a different approach to gaining serious clients that are in search of a passionate health coach that believes and supports them through the sunshine and rain. I haven’t and will not give up.

My website has been created. I’m also joining a deeper segment into the approach by becoming a Certified Health & Wellness Coach where my clients can see my meal plans, and how much I workout a day or week. They can also communicate about various topics. Once certified this will able me to help everyone globally and I’m really excited for the next three days of training. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in  what Herbalife is all about, or if you need support on reaching your physical goals, advice on how to eat clean, or interested in becoming a Health Coach or purchasing products check out my website and give me a shout. If your not a U.S citizen theres is no need to worry because you can choose which country you are from on the homepage, as I said before I want to help people globally.ImageNamaste.




If you would like to contact me personally about questions on anything related to health or how to see the bright side in something you can also email me: herbawriter@gmail.com


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