Book Review: Spiritual Warrior


Spiritual Warrior written by John-Roger in 1998 is a New York Times #1 best seller. It helps  transforms anxieties of everyday life into an understanding of how to survive.

John-Roger is the living reality of becoming aware of oneself in soul and in God. He has written many books that helps one understand their spiritual being on this planet.

The book Spiritual Warrior is an easy read that gets its reader hook from the beginning. It isn’t a self-help book, but it does teach one how to accept themselves fully. It breaks the reader down to self analyze various parts of their spirit and helps them embrace their entire being. The book is motivational and inspiring. It is a good read for some one that wants to understand who they are deeply. It incorporates  meditative exercises that helps you practice breathing and understand the way spirit moves.

Since the book is an easy read it makes you want to go back and reread it because it’s over so quickly. The book can be purchased on amazon as an e-book and hardcover. It is a great gift for someone who questions spirits or enjoys new lessons.


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