A Monumental Blog: Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons Of The Internet

When The Internet made its first appearance at UCLA in 1969. The creators were not aware of the impact it would have on society. Now 2013, jobs are lost everyday, people are not physically in contact with each other, everything is fast, information is at its fastest peak, and everyone knows a little about something, but not enough about anything.

A few Pros and Cons brought to the surface can either scare one of what it would be like going into a technical world, or excite them about how far of a race we have developed into over the past years.


  1. Cross- Communication: The Number 1 pro is what has improved our communication as a race. With The Internet you can communicate with any and everyone across the world. This ability grants you Godly powers because depending on your purpose in life you can open up minds, touch souls, lead people, and stop people from all over the world with this intriguing new lifestyle of a digital world.
  2. Excessive Knowledge: With the right searching skills one can find out anything and be an expert at it with time and practice.Image
  3. Applying to Jobs without Commuting: This is a definite wonderful pro because it helps the environment. No longer will you have to commute to a location to apply for a job (although people still do). With The Internet it is easier to find out when the company of your dreams are having open calls, so you don’t have to be “REJECTED” when going to apply on the wrong day.
  4. Social Medias: You are the gossip KING and QUEEN because you know everyone who is anyone business. All the amazing know-it-all out there J.
  5. Gives Confidence: People are able to express how they really feel without worrying about being rejected or humiliated (because who knows them in the real world when they are always in front of a device?)


  1. Employment Loss: This con also deals with technology. Since the world is becoming more digital people are slowly not being needed anymore. For example, grocery stores have self-serve aisles, when you need assistance over the phone all you get are robots to answer your questions until someone picks up, and when applying to jobs online you get lost in the system. This is becoming a big concern for many individuals and it scares those that are not proficient with technology of how will we interact with each other when everything is becoming robotic.
  2. Child exposure: Children are beautiful blessings in the world. Though The Internet is great for having all access to any topic available child exposure is a high crisis for upcoming children. What will happen to children when they can no longer imagine anything and everything is done for them, or all truth is available and they no longer care about school because The Internet is their teacher? Another bad thing about child exposure is their personal privacy is gone because now parents are exploiting them and they are sadly exploiting themselves not aware that their reputation matters in the world.
  3. Distraction: The Internet blinds individuals from what is happening in the world today. The planet is changing drastically, if you go outside and get in touch with nature you will understand that the planet is crying out for help. The planet is not digital it is a living organism just like you and I and how we need love and affection the earth does too.
  4. Relationships: People have replaced their love for another person into their Internet device. This comes from wanting. The Ego wants everything and it wants it fast. As human beings we move slow and take our time growing, changing, freeing ourselves, and settling down. Once the Ego finds a way to be satisfied all else fails and in this case it is love and relationships. The scary part about this is that once we awake from our sleep of being in love with getting all ego needs met we would have already ruined any possible love that was thrown at us. This effect causes one to feel empty and incomplete unless people begin to go out and share their being with someone else and give The Internets love a certain amount of time a day. ( The Following video is an example of how the internet ruins people emotionally)
  5. Change: As everything begins to progress so will the internet, the change that it must take must have a greater effect in the future to keep the human race involved with it because we are changing also and something needs to keep up with who we are becoming.

The lovely Internet has been my friend for quite some time. I’ve used a computer since I was 5 and The Internet since I was 7, and I love the creation because of everything I can access. The Con I have trouble with is staying in a relationship because so many of my peers are the same way and we choose to be with our devices than with each other. Now that I am in my mid-twenties I see this as a continuous road of a future cold digital world that is about to take place unless we make some adjustment


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