U.S. versus European healthcare costs: the data

” If one door closes another one opens.” Is a saying my mother would always say when life does not let you stop. Obama seems to be in a constant battle with the rest of the government since all that I can remember.

Obama is a strong individual with a great heart. Although somethings I don’t agree with, but I think that republicans should take it easy on the guy. He’s only trying to put this country back in order from the mess that was done before him.

Not approving the budget for next year I agree with the it because where does the money really go?
A new system needs to be organized now that the government is closing. Free healthcare, money towards schools, and less homeless people would be a great place to start.

[ EpiAnalysis ]

We’ve all heard that U.S. healthcare services cost more and deliver less “value for the money” than European systems—i.e., less mortality benefits for the amount of money spent. Is this true? And where does the price difference come from? David Squires at The Commonwealth Fund recently collected data to compare healthcare spending, supply, utilization, prices, and quality in thirteen (mostly European) industrialized countries, and sought the answer to the question: why is U.S. healthcare spending so high? And does the U.S. healthcare system really deliver less quality for the dollar than the healthcare systems of other industrialized nations?

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