My Scorpian King

Though you’ve opened my soul and pushed me to new heights.

I hurt from the poisonous bite that heals.

I never thought I would be this way.

So moved. Full of hate and anger, love and happiness, yet I rather be no where else than with you.

I was told that I was in love.

Being in love is for fools

A fool you’ve made me

Through the fire I soar, and the air I float about.

I’m just yearning for the day you will put me out

Which you say you never will do

So forever I’ll burn until the universe tells me that my work is through

My Scorpian King for you I would do anything

You’ve taught me how to love me through you and you through me

The way you speak my exact thoughts and lead me when I’m lost

I surrender and crown you with all authority


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