America Your Stuck In The Past Wake-Up


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While I read through a couple of interesting facts about The Constitution, Slavery, Separate-But-Equal- Doctrine, and other political historical works I came to an interesting conclusion.

I don’t agree with slavery, segregation, nor the fact that people had to pay to vote until 1964. I do agree with the Literacy Tests that one had to pass in order to vote. That makes the most since. Someone shouldn’t be allowed to vote if they can’t pass the test because as we see/living in a time since demolishing that rule our entire society is a big piece of shiznat. There is no order in this country. Life has really turned into a live video game in America.

It’s time for us to WAKE-UP, pick up a book, get educated and STOP TWERKING!!!

TWERKING IS SOO OLD. As a black child I use to Twerk when I was 10 that was so many years ago America You Are Stuck In The Past. Kids need to learn a new dance, and we young adults need to stop following childish trends and change the  world.


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