Breaking Through Poverty

Having insufficient funds can make one not achieve alot. It puts one into a mind set that nothing can be obtainable. They don’t have a future because everything needs money, and those with money could care-less about you.

Changing the mindset about living in poverty and accepting the little things that are given to you will help you achieve sufficient funds. Being poor is only temporarily if you are willing to change your circumstances. Then again it was a choice that you made a while back when you didn’t like how your precious lifestyle was.

Or if you were born in poverty and you don’t know what it’s like to have the finer things than changing your mindset might be hard. To work your way out of your current circumstance is to understand the most valuable things in life will be given to you when you are deserving of it.

If you’ve gone from rags to riches it is usually because you didn’t appreciate the small things in life. Instead of loving and accepting freedom you abused it by letting it control you, losing your soul in a man-made item.

Most activist want to create a world were everyone was equal, but forget that some people enjoy having others higher than them to be controlled. Activist are great people, but before they fight for something they must put all aspects together and understand that we are all in this world together. Without people controlling the funds, workers working more than their worth, party people, slavery, wars, trafficking, etc. We wouldn’t have a place to call earth. It would be bland. This is how the earth has always been even with nature there is confusion and turmoil because the planet is constantly changing.

Overall the earth and society will always be the same. There will always be people higher than others, richer and poor. Each individual has their own journey although we care a lot for one another and our poor little hearts get broken the crazy hurtful, achievements, and amazing frightful changes, are what keep life interesting.

Everyone has a dream and everyone is a difference on the planet, some beings will be granted and recognize, while others will be ignored. Some will go after there dreams while others will sit and talk about it. It’s what keep the balance in the world. Keep loving one another, is the only answer because good things are bound to come, and so are bad. Without good and bad there will be no sunshine or night, so quit complaining and appreciate the little things in life such as your next heartbeat, and breath because you never know when that will be taken away from you


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