The Keyboard Caught My Tears

To my readers:

I’ve never written a blog like this, but my hearts been telling me to do it, so don’t be surprised. I have warned you.

Yes! There is a bright side in every situation, but when bills are due, you have no income, or the income you do have barely puts gas in your financed car and healthy food on your table what do you do? By the way a choice you made brought you too this point in life, but you refuse to allow that thought be the reason because your, Sooo in love with your passion.

Well to answer the question what do you do? You love. Even when you are drained from loving all of the wrong people and still manage to allow those that you are unsure of to tell you their problems and you give them the best advice you can for free, and make sure they trust your words.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not depressed, but I can tell you I am stressed all the way out. I’m running on auto pilot and I have lost full control of what I am doing because I let my passion of helping others have an awesome lifestyle take over my life. I’m not complaining, but sometimes I need a friend too. While at the same time its hard for me to decipher who is really my friend and who just wants to be apart of the “OPTIMISTIC SHOW”, and use me because I will always find a bright side in you to keep YOU!! moving forward and obtain your goal.

My life isn’t over. Yes I’ve been heart broken, for not trusting myself many times, but that has not turned me into a bitter person.  I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I teach others that are younger than me, more innocent than I, and also more knowledgeable  to not walk in my same footsteps. I have a tendency to push people away because I can’t bare to watch them make the same mistake, and in the end. I can’t take it anymore.

The bright side of every darkness is beginning to become a little too bright. I’m starting to learn that sometimes we need a dark side just to balance the two. Now don’t be afraid because this is life and without the couple we wouldn’t exist, so look for the bright side when you feel like you are in a dark place, but don’t forget the dark side because the light that shines so bright can be so intense that it makes you cry for darkness that you will never see again because positivity is greater than negativity.


Krystle Mitchell

( A Unicorn Thought)

P.S. If your in debt there is a way out it’s just slow and long, but you will get through any financial problems you put yourself in. Remember you are the creator of your world. With the help of God, but God is in you.


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