Stephen King “On Writing” Clever Teachings

Stephan King is known for his horror films and books that keep his readers and fans of film on the edge of their seats. He tried a different approach of writing when he wrote the book “On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft.” Including his list of must-reads the book consists of 292 pages. “On Writing,” is an autobiography of Stephens life with lessons to assist those going through the stages of becoming a successful writer.  With his humorous personal experiences, numerous rejection slips, and almost to death accident the book touches one on many areas of life.

The book is not a guide to become successful it is a reality check that one must live in order to write. The greatest lesson King gave in the book was “read a lot, and write a lot,” which he repeated numerous times throughout the book.

I suggest this book to someone that wants to become a writer, or already a writer stuck in a ditch to read. This book will help them get through writers block, humble their dreams, and make one understand that there is more to gaining fans, having high numbers in becoming a writer because not everyone will like your work. There are lots of disappointments as a write, but those should be inspiration to an aspiring writer because like Stephen King it motivated him to write more.




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