Personal Success Lessons:

I’ve always dreamed of being successful. I know I can be successful if I wasn’t so lazy are most thoughts that successful people begin with. When your trying to find your niche, and begin to put together your foundation Key Principles begin to show up that keeps you from going back to your unsuccessful ways. There are three elements of success that one must use in their foundation and from those three it is a guarantee that you will achieve any and everything because they are planted, stirred, and glued in your foundation. Those three elements consist of Support, Motivation, and Drive.

Drive: Is the base of your foundation without it you won’t obtain much. It’s what keeps your heart pumping, and your  your soul hungry. You have full control of your drive, you can take it full throttle or extremely slow it really depends on how hungry your soul is and how determined you are to accomplish your goal of success.


Drawing I did for the visual Image I’m teaching

Support: Is the best element to have in your foundation because it really keeps you going. Surrounding yourself with something or someone edging you on you are guaranteed to succeed.

Motivation: Motivation can be tricky because its really mind over matter. Motivation starts from deep with in and helps you stay on top of your planted foundation instead of going below it. One must practice changing their thoughts when it comes to motivation because nobody can motivate you to do anything but yourself.


A meme for writers that always gets me motivated


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