You Are What You Attract

I’ve read many books about the law of attraction. Many people have told me about the power of the law of attraction, but I never understood until just recently.

Everyone is an actor whether they know it or not. No one will never really know someone else unless the other person opens up to them. What is displayed on the outside can be totally different from what is on the inside, and thats the scary thing about people.

Like the old saying “Never judge a book by its cover”  as you grow you learn to live by that rule as you come across more people.

In a room full of strangers you are connected in one way or another. The part that scares you about yourself to the one you hope no-one will ever get to know. That person is in the room with you just in a different body exposing your true ways.

When you realize the attractions you made usually two things can happen

1. When you deny it. You run from it and that attraction will continue to haunt you until you confront it.

2. When you accept it the goal to change that way of you makes you a stronger, helpful individual.

Now the law of attraction is a very interesting way of living because you attract things that you are afraid of becoming, and ways you wish to be. When you realize this you have to go beyond the law and just be yourself and understand who you are or else you’ll find yourself stuck in a bubble afraid of any and everyone that comes your way.

So live with the law. Enjoy it. Accept your many ways and help those that you were like, be the change for those you are like, and don’t confuse who you are with those you don’t want to be like because we are all one in the same whether we like it or not


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