Workout, Love, Write

One day I woke up and my life changed from wishing-dreaming-believing-living

I went from a dull routine of researching who, what, when, where and why I’m on this planet to doing everything I love, giving my love unconditionally to everyone, and best part of all receiving true pure love back in return.

I find it funny how I was depressed, lost, lonely, and mean and with a switch of a mindset I became happy, found, surrounded, and nice. It’s not because I won a lottery, or I began to build strong loving relationships with people, but its because I changed my view on life.

Instead of running from the light I eagerly walk towards it with my arms open wide, and a huge smile. I am different. Many people may still think that I’m going through a phase and I will soon be back to my old self in due time, but little do they know that I’ve been working out physically, mentally, and spiritually, and through writing I’m sharing how to always look for the bright side in every situation when caught in dark places.

Who would’ve known I’ll be secure when I say that everything is okay at the end of each day and have faith in those words because I know throughout my entire heart and soul its true.

So I challenge you to workout, love, and write or create your awakening and watch as the person you once knew was just a dream that tricked you to believe that life was just what it seemed. Awaken to the you that you were born to be and love unconditionally


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