Another Summer Week With a Native Californian

Part-time Babysitter:Image

I had to sadly take a break from watching my precious bundle of 5- month old joy, but I recently found out that he is now trying to sit up, yabbers a lot, and is in pain because he’s teething. He should be coming back my way pretty soon and I can’t wait to hold him all day and give him, so much love.

Blue Moon, California, August 20, 2013:

ImageThe 4th blue moon of the year was Tuesday August 20, 2013 and as I was driving home from another awesome Herbalife Bootcamp I saw why the scientist called it a blue moon. Above is a google picture because I didn’t think to pull over and take a snap-shot of the pure beauty that transfixed me on an enchanting ride home through Los Angeles traffic. The night sky looked exactly like the photo above. Most people or I should say “I” thought if a blue moon is on the rise then the moonlight glow would be blue right? It made since to me… until I seen how blue the sky was, and white the moon sat fully, and whole in the middle of the sky. I’m a huge fan of the moon and again my heart was stolen by its elegance, and seductiveness.

Herba Team Coaching:

I’m a health coach with Herbalife and yesterday I gathered my girls up for an adventure of hardcore workout on the beach, but with traffic from Los Angeles- Northridge-Santa Monica Beach at 7am didn’t workout as smoothly as I thought it would.My phone died halfway to the valley, so my friend and I had to pull over, so she can log into my accounts on her phone to get the other girls info. We made it to our destination as cars were pulling out. I met up with my health coach and she suggested we head over to get breakfast and chill out for a minute at our nutrition lounge. I did as told and the girls and I decided to still get a workout in since it was our plan from the beginning.  We had our breakfast shake, mingled with other Herbalife team members and headed out to the Hollywood Hills and Hiked to the sign. In total we did a 6mile hike in 2 hours, and had an exciting afternoon practicing breathing, stretching out cramps, and going beyond our limits. Drenched in sweat our task was completed and I went from disappointment to an energized Coach ready to take on my late afternoon bootcamp that I arrived late to because of traffic from Hollywood-Los Angeles- Northridge – Cheviot Hills at 5pm is also a bummer. DAMN YOU LA TRAFFIC!!!

8/18 Bootcamp: Sunday Funday 8:18

It’s 9am and I’m pumped and ready to take on another sweaty, muscle aching, heart pumping, ab flexing workout with my Herbalife team. After my breakfast shake we still weren’t ready to quit. My cousin and I headed back home, and found out my brother was back from work, so we talked him into drinking some lift-off (a Herbalife product) and got him pumped to get ready for a quick hike to burn off that energy. Music bumping and ready to take on another heart pumping, sweat dripping, workout we arrived at the Culver City Stairs a.k.a Baldwin Hills Overlook. I got everyone hyped for the killer stairs to the top in the middle of Los Angeles. My cousin did the trail, and my brother followed behind me. As i’m climbing up i immediately remember how the stairs were an actual workout and was out of breath after my first set. My brother met me at the first step, and literally saw me dying from not being able to catch my breath. He was going to wait for me, but as a good motivating health coach I pushed him to go ahead of me, and explained how ok I was. Eventually I was back and as I continued the remaining three cases of stairs I supported others along the way, and continued to the top. Lesson Learned: no matter how pumped and ready you are if you don’t breathe you can’t accomplish anything. Breathing and Air matters.


    Health Coaches and STS:  

Health Coaches

Energetic, learning lessons of products, successful health coaches that are determined to get people in the best shape of their lives in and out was how I spent my Saturday morning with my health coach and fellow health coaches of herbalife. The meeting filled with inspiring stories that continues to motivate me to work hard and get people feeling their best daily.

Later in the evening after the drive from Long Beach I had a quick salad and brown rice at my job as a hostess in Brentwood, California, CHIN CHIN  a Chinese restaurant with amazing people that care about their customers, and fellow employees well- being. The restaurants consist of dishes designed for all types of foodies. Vegans, pescatarian, meat-lovers, and the company is cautious of those with allergic reactions like myself. ChinChin_Brentwood


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