Your Heart lives

I’ve recently attended an Herbalife Motivational Monday with Spiritual Psychologist Monika Zands, and her inspiring speech today changed the way I don’t think about my heart to now listening to it. “We go through life not paying attention to our heart, and taking its beat for granted, ” she said after the room of Herbalife members realized they have a heart and some can feel it beating while others can’t even when they place their hand over it.
The guards that we subconsciously place on our heart has made it cold, and even numb from ourselves to feel the beat. It becomes scary to the mind when you realize your heart beat matters more than anything else on this planet because it is what keeps you going besides the love of God. Without God love your heart would stop because the heart “only searches for love,” Zands also stated.
After opening our minds to be more conscious of not taking our heart beat for granted she challenged us all to complete a task that will actually make you continuously aware of the hard work your heart does to keep you going to accomplish your dream.

1. Get a sheet of paper,or whatever you enjoy to write on
2. Write the following:
Dear Heart,
3. Answer the three following questions in a paragraph:
A) What I’ve learned from you is?
B) What I’m grateful for is?
C) What I promise you is?

Only three simple steps and questions, and you will set your hearts real, unguarded desires for you free. I would love if you would comment about the amazement and relief you feel after the exercise, or the answers to the questions if you would like. Remember there is always a bright side and you can see the light if you take steps in love on your journey of pure, divine, happiness and success.


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