Crepes For Brunch

Waking up this morning I thought about the lover and decided to give him a flirtatious text, but he was to caught up in himself he didn’t realize how mad I got from his rude response, so I meditated and thought about what I should do today since I was off from both jobs.
Beach….The sky is too muggy
Park….I don’t have clothes that are warm enough
Next thing my stomach growls and I think about what I should eat for breakfast.
“Try that Crepe place that you always walk by and think trying (the French Crepe co.) in the Farmers Market,” I thought.
Soon after I was out the bed, showered, and darting out to my car. Old school music played on my iPad as I drove to “The Grove” parking wasn’t as bad since it was 11:30 am, but I still parked on the 7th level then thought about the movie “The Call” and decided to park on the 6th level. Luckily I found a parking spot right by the escalator and I headed towards Farmers Market.
Mothers with strollers, teenagers excited over fashion, and people dressed like me in all black. A couple of hello as I crossed paths with individuals walking in the opposite direction, and I made it to my destination. A couple of people were in front of me, so I decided to give the menu one last look before I settled with the crepe I wanted to try out.
I was next in line and I placed my order for one “Crepe Marcel” with strawberry, raspberry, orange marmalade,and Tropical Ice Tea (which is unsweetened).
Image I sat at the counter to get the full effect of the crepe experience and pulled out my iPad to pay some bills. The cooks greeted me with smiles, and served me my plate. Keep in mind I didn’t know how to eat a crepe, so I began to cut and take bites which was a little difficult because they only had plastic knives, and forks. The crepe was really sweet as I expected, and it gave me a sugar rush that i drowned with my unsweetened tropical tea.I’m going back to the place because I love the fact they use fresh fruit and you can watch them prepare your plate if your able to sit at the counter top that surrounds the vendor. As I was half way through the crepe the line began to grow and I added the restaurant to my yelp, and shared my breakfast with Instagram. Another cook came along and asked if I was okay and I figured it was because I was eating the crepe wrong, but I replied with a yes and smiled.
I tipped the cashier after my meal, and continued on with my day.
New experiences in the early morning actually made me feel better. I made plans for my night, and I felt lifted from the unknown since I now know how the rest of my off day will turn out.Also if your interested in other types of crepes they offer you can check out their website at to see if it is a place you would like to experience.


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