I belong to you

Your unconditional love have dried my tears.
I am overwhelmed by your holiness, all I can do is share the great you have showed me
You’ve blessed me with all of my needs, and continuously show me how to perfect the way you to walk in your love
Though I get discouraged, and I take my time you’ve been patient with me and taught me how to be patient for your enchanting love
Lord Jesus,
As you know I was once afraid to share how deeply in love with you I was, but that has all changed because there isn’t anything else on this planet that can love me the way you do. You have broken me down as I have asked, so I can see that nobody will love me as much as you do, and all I can do is return the gratitude, my heart, my life, my soul, my love belongs to you.
Jesus you are my only king. No one will ever be put before you. Because I have seen what you can do by the way you gave me everything and took it all away, only to give me everything plus more back richer, smarter, and greater again. I don’t want to live for anything else. You are the only reason why I continuously love, stay, smile and give my all everyday.

The Lord is patient, and when you think he isn’t working for you he is. Things will not happen on your time, but they will come about when you need it, and Jesus is always by your side. When your drowned in tears, the world is turned against you, and the darkness seems too grand that the light is hard to see. Pay close attention and you will begin to realize the light is always there. Trust in God, and I promise your life will change. Life is not easy for anybody because we live in an evil world. Sadly we all like to believe that if you think positive it will eliminate the negative, it is true to an extent, but you won’t have to work as hard to always be on a positive wave if you just put your life in God’s hand. He wants you close to him, and he wants you to have all of your needs met. Understand that you are never alone no matter what, who, where, why you are the way you are. God loves you. He has given us all a path since he is the only one and the creator of all things on earth, we are all blessed by his unconditional love daily, and since he is patient he will continue to bare with us until we shine his light and able to help him do his work by loving unconditionally everyday until the end of time.


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