Two Men and A Woman

Diana found a couple of hot men in her kitchen after work one night cooking up a meal for dinner. When she smelled the aroma of spices and heard the sound of laughter as she walked into her apartment, she was afraid of what she was going to find around the corner.
Her cell phone began to vibrate in her purse, and she slowly pulled it out to answer.
She whispered to her friend Karen that someone was in her kitchen cooking, and she is afraid to see who they are. Karen laughed and told her she sent them there because she needed love. A little irritated by her friends comment she hung up the phone and introduced herself to the gentlemen. They gave their names, Jon and Dave and told her to have a seat.
She sat at her counter top, and they each handed her a glass of red wine. Dave explained to her their purpose and told her to let go of the stresses of the week and let them take control. Diana smiled in agreement and took a sip from both glasses. The trio began to talk about the new movie releases, how they would like to spend their first dates, and society.
A couple of hours into the night dinner was ready to be served. Jon escorted Diana to her dining room table and explained they will each have dinner with her, and she had to choose which guy she would date when they were done. Dave was the first candidate and he came in a couple of minutes later after Jon walked out of the apartment. He carried a tray that held a raw kale salad that mixed with carrots, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, and two plates of sliced salmon. He tossed the salad in front of her and and put some on the side of salmon before he handed her a plate, then repeated the task and served himself. They talked about each other desires, and the wine he chose for a while, and Jon walked in to conclude their date. Dave cleaned up his mess and gave Jon his turn to please Diana.
Diana continued to sit on her side of the table as Jon took a couple of minutes to prepare his meal for the two of them. Since he knew what Dave prepared he decided to make dessert.
As he walked out of the kitchen to serve Diana he grabbed a vase of flowers from under the sink, flowers that he had bought for her. With one tray in hand carrying the delights and the other holding the vase of flowers, he smiled as he set everything down onto the table. Diana beamed back at him, having received the gifts. As he pulled out his chair and began to cut himself a slice of cake. Diana did the same, thanking him for the flowers. They talked about their favorite vacation spots, and found out they had a lot of vacations in common and wondered why they have never run into each other. They sat in silence, thinking about how small the world is. Diana’s phone began to ring and she excused herself from the table.
Karen asked about her date, and wondered if she did a good job finding her friend “love”. Whispering and peeking out the kitchen door, Diana explained she couldn’t choose between the two, and asked if it was wrong if she kept both men. Karen laughed obnoxiously on the other, end and told her she had to make that choice on her own.
Diana quickly got off the phone and went back to her date with Jon.
“Unfortunately our time is up,” Jon explained as Dave walked in and began to stand up. “You have to make a decision now.”
“Right now? At this moment?” she asked, as she walked over to the table to grab a glass of wine.
She stared at both men and asked them to sit. Asking if they would like a glass, she began to pour it and handed them their cups.
“So, would you guys mind sharing me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a whore or into kinky things, unless you want those things. But I like both of you and it’s just hard to choose between the two of you. So you can either walk out or stay. I apologize for my indecisiveness. It’s just… I’m getting older and I think it will be fun,” she smiled and sipped.

“Ugh,” Dave said.
“Sure, it’ll be like two men and a woman, but not in a gay way,” Jon said.
“I’m just going to leave,” Dave began.
“Okay! Bye,” Jon and Diana said waving.
As Dave walked out the door they continued to sip their wine.

Krystle Mitchell 2013


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