And We Fight…..

I miss you

I need you

I want you

Please leave me alone….

It’s been a roller coaster ride, and we’ve already began to fight

It’s the cycle of unite

Our chemicals that don’t mix, and yet we still hold on tight

Long conversations, and late night yoga practices

Usually brings us back to square one

Here we plan, learn, teach, and run

Days go by the sun shines bright

We’ll argue about petty stuff all day because we get caught up in life, and afraid to tell one another that we just miss being in each other sight.

So tension turns into a flame, here we go down again

I drop your heart you go running after it

You drop mine, and I’ll cry

At sundown when the weather is cool we’re right back by each other side

Fighting, and tossing, loving, and smiling

Its a mans world, but women run it

The fight will continue until the end as long as we can comprehend each others feelings

Take in whats right, and fix the wrongs

Letting go of the past, and acting up on the future plans the fight will be a positive collision of energies, and once again love will survive while peace resides on earth because of you and I 


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