Oh Lord
Bless me indeed
Expand my territory
May your hand be with me always
Allow me to cause no pain
May any negative energy on earth bow or flee
In Jesus Christ Name Amen

A lesson from my father.

My dad is a crazy man. Most people don’t understand him, but everyone respects him. 
The prayer my dad taught me was to help me come at peace with myself while I was going through a difficult time of confusion. He told me to say this prayer every day and I will watch as my life would change for the better immediately if I believed  in the words and the power of Christ. 

The first day I said this prayer I noticed how a lot of people around me distanced themselves. Forgetting I said the prayer I thought something was wrong with me, but soon let it go when I realized the world doesn’t evolve around me.

The second time I recited the prayer plans I would make with certain people wouldn’t fall through. Again I thought “MY LIFE” was slipping out of my hands, and I was going through another war.

It wasn’t until my dad reminded me of the prayer and opened my eyes to see the doors were closing, so I can receive my blessings. People were distancing themselves, so I can see who I really was, and not see me in others. Plans were crumbling because I had priorities set that were being blocked by an unhealthy social life. 

Now that I’m two weeks in saying the prayer I’ve met a really nice person, gained two jobs, get peaceful sleep, and can breathe. A weight has been lifted off my heart, I’m more forgiving, loving.

I thank my father for his advice, and I know every one says this but my dad is really the best dad because he doesn’t spoil, but because he teaches me how to survive for an eternity. The love he has for me I’m able to share with others, and I watch how they receive and give back in the same way. With his positive quotes, inspirations, stories, mistakes, and lessons he’s learned and is able to teach me, I’m thankful for having Jon Philip Mitchell as my dad because with him there wouldn’t be a me to continue to pass on his legacy of true love and friendship in the world


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