1 Year Anniversary with WordPress

Today marks the day I’ve created my WordPress account a year ago. I thought I wanted to write then after my past life fell apart, but the universe had something else in store for me. I painted all summer last year. I was inspired from my dreams, since I was broken from what I thought was my life forever words couldn’t express how I was feeling, but colors hit the spot.
I began water coloring on paper and did it about once a week until I ran put of paint and paper. Family and friends liked my work. I even gave a couple of them away. I probably should’ve sold them because I was out of work at the time, but I liked that they wanted some of my pieces so giving them away didn’t matter. The work hung all over my bedroom, and one night I was smoking pot, and I was afraid of my pieces, so I took them off the wall.
My heart was broken and I lost hope in my future, so I quit painting, and found a job that I am currently at now. Chin Chin which is a Chinese restaurant. I started the end of summer, and began partying with co-workers, so my talents and dreams were put to the side until New Years came along.
2013 is when I began to live out my dreams. I wrote my first WordPress blog, and people liked my blogs. It inspired me to write more and 58 followers and 61 blog posts later I’m reaching blog goals and starting my career as a freelance writer. It began happening fast I was getting a bit overwhelmed with the progress I was making as a blogger and freelance writer, but I continued to do my best in all of my work.
I promised myself that no matter how far I get and money I make as a writer I won’t stop posting blogs where I started. Because I wouldn’t be where I was if it wasn’t for the first website that gave me a chance.


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