A Day In California

Saturday June 1,2013 I’ve experienced a new shift in my life. I’m on this planet to help others in which ever way I can. Today my step father was changing his life and had to move, so I helped him out. In my four-door Toyota he, my little brother and I were roaming around IE with a car full of stuff. It was a great experience because I spent some of my childhood In the IE and I hardly go out there as a young adult. The nature and openness of the city brought back memories of a child when my step-sister and I would walk through forests to get to the store (exaggeration).


Before the move I thought we were going to be escorted by  police officers, his stuff being thrown out of the apartment by his ex-wife, and a scene of people watching in awe from their windows , but all that was demolished when we arrived to our destination.

The police never showed, and my brother and his father were escorted by the apartments’ security.

IMG_0229 my brother and his dad

“Sir, there are only 8 police officers in the county of San Bernardino,” is the excuse for the police not showing up. Imagine a 20,105 ft county, population of 3,744,644,  and only 8 police officers. My mind was blown when I heard the news, and people wonder why the crime rate is higher than any other part of California. Yes! There is a lot of open land, and most of the houses are built in communities, but 8 police officers. I know California can do better than that.

The city was going bankrupt and  that is the standing cause for the number of police officers in the county, but when your building houses that are burned down each summer due to low water, dead feilds, and rising temperatures, instead of opening up job opportunities to help people invest, and raise money then problems such as cutting back on police officers won’t happen.

Now that this has been brought to my attention, San Benardino, Ca will change. There will be more police officers to escort individuals even if its not needed, and opportunities for the county to keep from going bankrupt.

Being a California native this bankruptcy road we continue to fall down needs to come to a stop, because I’m tired of hearing, and reading about it.

After all of the shocking news and disapproving scenes that I thought would take place were over, my brother and I decided to take a trip to Phoenix, AZ to visit my dad.  With the heat wave coming through our plans were crushed for the fear of not having enough liquid to hold us over during the 60 mile route through the desert. When I put the last bit of money I had into my tank we were well on our way back down the 10 Santa Monica freeway.

On the road back home I realized I forgot to turn in my work uniform, so I had to stop off in Brentwood. Dehydrated and sweaty I made it in time and introduced my little brother to my co-workers. My brother and I were drenched, yet dry from not enough liquid for our small morning trip.

Global warming is real. Usually there’s a bit of rain before summer, but instead the weather has been warming up. I thought it was because Californians were getting a little too sexy for life, but now I understand. A heat wave in California is very humid, yet smoggy. The worst thing to have since the state is usually filled with blue skies, and just the right amount of sunlight. So to survive we’ll need lots of water, lemonade and ice tea.  A new bikini, good book, and beach will set our Saturday’s right, while turning into the night with a glass of sparkling water with a lemon (I don’t drink alcohol), or club soda with a cherry to get moving on a sweaty dance floor while mingling around a rooftop pool with electronic hip hop soon to be summer jams blasting in the background. 



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