What Should Be Your Diet?


Every morning I wake up and head straight for my phone and laptop. I check my emails, play music and go through posts. I do this for about 2hours and then I eat. My breakfast usually consists of veggie sausages, toast, and tea.
With music still playing I take a shower, put on day clothes, and head back to my computer. I look up recipes, check out unnecessary articles that don’t pertain to anything in life, and think of topics to write about.
I’ll receive a text or call from someone, and usually my day begins with that. I head out the door and go where ever my heart desires or a friend may ask me to go. My life is boring, yet I love it. I’ve always been told I was a free-spirited person, and as I reflect on my daily routine I realize those people were right.
I have no set schedule, and I spend way to much time and money on things that make me happy for the long run. I’m going on a diet.
This isn’t going to be an ordinary diet of cutting back on food intake, or working out for numerous hours of the day. My diet is going to consist of me listening to less music throughout the day, absorbing less junk information, and budgeting.
Music is lovely, it gets your emotions flowing, take you on journeys through out the day, but to much of it can poison your mind, soul, and way of life. I was or I should say am obsessed with it. I am music. I sing when I talk. I walk to a beat, and songs are constantly running around in my head. My diet of music will be to only listen to it while I’m driving, cleaning, and working out. No longer will I wake up in the morning and turn on pandora or put my iPad on shuffle. Instead I’m going to be thankful for being able to wake up, and smile at the birds singing outside my window. I will also stretch and meditate to the energies that are set before me to get me through the day. Each morning I will become centered.
500-1000 words a day is my new goal. After breakfast and morning shower I will write 500-1000 words a day to perfect and sharpen my writing skills. Writers write everyday, and I wasn’t. Since I didn’t write everyday I felt as if I wasn’t living up to my dream, and that was the cause of my goals as a writer to be cut short. I’m putting my heart first and taking charge of who, and what I set myself to become.
By the time lunch rolls around I should feel free to do whatever the universe and God has planned for me.
After my night shower just before I go to sleep my goal is to read. I have so many books that I want to finish, and it time I began to read them.
My new diet is to make me become a better person. These tasks will help me appreciate myself more than what I already do. Many people and myself get so caught up in things that are a waste of time and wonder why we’re sad, stressed, or stuck In the same position. With a little dieting to the amount of brain junk you take in and doing more of the things your heart desires the world around you will change, and your regrets will fade. It’s time to be the difference in your life and diet.


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